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Many other Henna Services provided!


Because our products are high quality and 100% natural without any chemical additives, they are safe for all types of unique applications!

prenatal belly decoation baby blessing
Prenatal Bellies


There are so many ways to celebrate giving birth to a child. One of our favorite ways is to adorn your baby bump with henna. The process only takes about one hour and lasts for up to two weeks. It is also a great idea to offer it to your guests at your baby shower or get your henna done two-three days before your maternity photo shoot.


We also offer makeup services for our moms-to-be planning on having a maternity shoot.



We have been doing henna for birthday parties, graduation parties, bachelorette parties, etc. for as long as we have been offering our services professionally. In our years of experience, there has never been one party where henna body art was not the most popular activity/entertainment.


The best of all: we offer free glitter!



Corporate Events


There is no way better way to thank your employees or impress your guests than with a henna that will last for weeks after the party is over. We accommodate all sizes of events and are able to supply multiple artists for huge crowds. Previous clients have ranged from insurance companies to universities to event management companies. 

Henna Crowns


Personal enpowerment using the beauty of henna.


See the video on our Press page about this.

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