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Music for Mehndi Night

There are so many functions to plan for an Indian wedding night, and the mehndi night is just the beginning of all the festivities. Between booking your venues for the wedding and reception and picking the right flower bouquets for your bridesmaids, you might find yourself on your mehndi night without a playlist for the mehndi night specifically. All the aunties will most likely be telling you to put on some mehndi music for the night when you realize in a panic that you have nothing prepared for today.

Thankfully, we have curated a variety of mehndi songs for mehndi nights of all cultures. Our playlist consists of songs in Punjabi, Gujarati, Bollywood (of course!), and other folk songs.

We have created a Spotify playlist that is free and accessible to everyone that follows us: Mehndi Night.

Please follow us for more tips on how to plan your mehndi night successfully.

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